Real Academy

KAIZEN approach: continuous improvement

Participants: Supervisors

– optimize business processes with the Lean and Kaizen approach,
– improve production efficiency through identification of waste.

Period: 29/01/2020 – until now

Team working techniques and strategies

Participants: Supervisors

– improve team working and relationships within work groups,
– increase the spirit of company identification and limit situations of conflict,
– increase performance and manage to understand the team transformations in different situations
– create a correct attitude towards problems and learn to improve them into opportunities.

Improvement of business organizational processes

Participants: Supervisors

– rationalize, improve and standardize the process performance in order to guarantee the maximum excellence of the company activities and the best level of customer service,
– learn to see the “invisible” and recognize the sources of waste,
– apply Lean Thinking to intangible processes,
– gain effectiveness and efficiency by reconfiguring flows, organization and systems,
– start a change that also involves management and production processes.

Advanced Lean Project Management

Participants: Warehouse and Department Managers

Increase skills and knowledge of our Production Department with basic knowledge of Project Management, in order to be able to measure the level of their performance, manage the progress of each individual work process, calculate the costs of every business activity, follow deadlines, focusing attention on activities with higher added value, assessing risks and the probability of failure of each activity.

Continuous improvement according to the Kaizen Concepts

Participants: RailWay Division

– exercises and group work, practical activities on the Lean and Kaizen concepts,
– planning and drafting of procedures to encourage the learning process.
– application of demand forecasting techniques,
– applicability analysis, application of the Kanban / JIT technique and Lean interventions,

Introduction to project management

Participants: Functional managers

The main challenge of the project management is to achieve the project aims while taking under control as well costs, time and purpose ( quality). The secondary challenge – but no less ambitious – is to optimize the allocation of resources and integrate the necessary inputs to achieve the defined goals.

Quality and company procedures

Partcipants: All employees

The course is dedicated to all employees especially to the functional managers regarding all company procedures.